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What kind of problem are you having with your central air system? Is the outside unit not turning on? Is it not getting cold enough in your home?Some of the more common problems related to central air, are leaks in the system. A certified air conditioning contractor will come to your home and investigate the leak or issue. If the system can be repaired, the repair specialist will let you know what is involved and how much it will cost. Many contractors will come and estimate a repair job for free.

Find Leaks, Inject Freons - Get a Repair Estimate/Quote

Two of the most common issues related to a central air conditioning system, is a leak in the system, or the system being low on freons. A leak in pipes means that it may be more difficult to cool your home. It may take a really long time to cool down, or not cool down at all. If the system is low on freons, the same thing will happen. The home will not cool. However, it takes a certified air conditioning technician or contractor to find the problem and repair it. Hopefully, it is just a small problem with your AC. If it's a larger problem, the estimate to repair the issue will be more expensive.

Contractors who come to investigate your air conditioning system in the Kitchener-Waterloo area may be able to provide a free estimate. Be sure to ask when calling, and we will do our best to get you someone right away who can do the same.

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